Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Favorite Wedding Photographer Blogs!

I love the internet! I think it's the best invention ever (well ~ except for pasta and spa tubs!) I'm always on the lookout for a great blog and I absolutely love Jessica Claire , Nick Abidilla and Jasmine Star! They inspire me to blog and keep in touch! Speaking of inspiration..I've come across StillMotion in Canada. Their wedding videography service is incredible...check out their same day edit of Raj and brings tears to your eyes and leaves me breathless! As you are all learning, I like to take some time everyday to search the internet for interesting sites. I love to learn and one of the great things about photography is that the process is never ending. I also try to keep on top of the business of wedding photography as well as checking out the new tools of the trade. This past month I had the opportunity to hear celebrity wedding photographer, Joe Buissink, speak for Pictage and I can tell you that it was outstanding! Joe tells it like it he shoots, how he edits, how to work with your client. He even showed an unedited slideshow of his digital images from a wedding....crazy!!!! Unedited! Really cool to see the images before going through the post production process! He shared some really great lessons for life and business! I also went to David Ziser's Digital WakeUp Call Seminar and had a blast! I wrote about it last week in my blog post here. I love me a seminar and look forward to more when the wedding season is over. I always want to keep the photos coming and today I am posting a very special picture. This is my mom and my brother ~ I grabbed this while we were at lunch the other day. I love it and them. ~ Back to camera!