Sunday, May 31, 2009


I love to be creative and I'm focusing on searching out unique and fun ways to expand my photography business. Right now I'm hooked on the idea of Video Fusion and the possibilities that it provides to my brides and grooms. Now please understand...I am so not a videographer...but the idea of capturing a few precious moments and editing them into a slideshow with some fabulous photos has got me hooked! Wedding photography is all about telling the story of your wedding day! As a photographer my goal is to create a beautiful pictorial full of emotion. I like to work with couples starting from the engagement session right to the end of the wedding day...from walking down the isle to cutting the cake... and of course...I love to get a shot of the bride with her shoes off after dancing up a storm! It's these moments that really capture you as a couple and it's my infinite pleasure to do so. Then I go to photo seminars and learn how to do it better! And how do you make it better? I ask can I add to your day? David Ziser introduced me to a fab idea! Incorporate video (just little snippets) into a DVD with your photo slide show. Perfect! Then I ask can I do more??? Really? More? Of Course! Poor Dianna! She's always up for a good idea and I bounce them off her like mad! I know she loves it though! So now I have this action plan...capture some video of the bride and groom as they walk down the aisle...then take pics of the ceremony. As the officiant says, "you may now kiss the bride" I'm back on video capturing the kiss. Then for the reception, while Dee is taking table photos and all the fun stuff that goes with professional quality photos...I get to run around with...get this...a point and shoot! Crazy? I don't think so. There's an intimacy when you have a regular point and they are able to do some pretty crazy stuff now ~ from black and white shots to twilight portraits....really fun stuff! I don't plan on running around the entire time shooting 1600 ISO grainy shots...but when the wine starts flowing and the guests are really enjoying themselves...why not? I'm known by all my friends as the girl with the camera and some of the most candid and fun shots are with my point and shoot! It just adds to the night and people are not as inclined to pose!!! I've offered it to a few of our couples and they are really gung-ho on both ideas (video and point and shoot). Sometimes I think they might be looking at me a bit funny...but I've got to say that I'm really enthusiastic about the whole thing. So I'm trying it a few times for fun and gifting it to our couples. I have high hopes that it's going to be great! Above is a photo from a wedding I did last summer San Diego. It's the mother~son dance..I just love how much fun the mom is having! ~back to camera