Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Polaroid Land Camera 330

polaroid land camera 330

Over the Christmas holidays I got to browse Ebay and set about finding some vintage Polaroid Land Cameras.  Score!  I am now the proud owner of lots of Land Cameras and I am setting about testing them all one by one and cleaning them up!  These beauties should not be hidden in attics across America.

I've always been a collector at heart and vintage cameras are one of my things.  As for all things Polaroid, I've been on a kick for a few months - starting with the SX-70 and it's stylish design, moving to the Polaroid Spectra and now finally the Land Cameras.

Bellows - Land Cameras have bellows! There is something to be said about opening up the camera, pulling out the bellows, loading film and then shooting.  It's a magical feeling!