Saturday, June 6, 2009

TTV Layers ~ grab a Brownie Kodak!

I had some fun practicing with TTV layers I found on flickr but decided to just jump in and buy a brownie camera on ebay! For $20 I was able to win the auction and I've had fun ever since! I also found some great info online regarding the Kodak Brownie cameras from Matt Denton Photography. Also, thanks to Photojojo for a great article on how to use your old camera and teach it new tricks! Here is another photo from my shoot with Jen a couple of days ago using the Brownie Kodak! I just love photography and I love trying out new and different techniques to catch my subjects! My suggestion...try a Brownie and then check here to find out how to rig a box for the camera to get really great shots ~ I really love Russ Morris' blog! The article is from 2006 but is a great tutorial! ~ back to camera!