About Me

I'm a firm believer in legacy and the best tool to capture our lives and build upon that is photography. You are the story and that each photo taken is another page in your book.


I'm native to Los Angeles, born in Santa Monica and living in the San Fernando Valley...I've always had a fascination with maps and globes...foreign lands to explore...

And I did explore....I traveled ~ from England to Egypt, Thailand, India, the Middle East, Japan...Turkey ~ and when I say travel...it's pack-on-your-back, no reservations, borrow-a-guide-book-when-you-land kind of travel. Off the beaten path is my favorite. I challenged myself and the world challenged me. It was glorious and I believe everyone should try it once! I've never thought I could feel so alive and happy!

In the past three years I've embarked on a new adventure. I now have a son, Bodie, and a wonderfully handsome Viking fiance, Mark. I see life through my son's eyes and it's like traveling to a whole new world.


You will look amazing in your wedding and portrait photos. I use flattering angles and twists of the body to show you off and I study how the light enhances your beauty. I want your children and your children's children to look at your photos and see you as I see you....a stunning woman ~ confident, glorious and alive with love!


Personally, I've never believed in rules or boundaries. I believe that we can achieve amazing things in our lives. I believe in strength, individuality, passion and opinion. I believe in kindness and humor. And finally...I believe in love.


Established in 2008, Andrea Scott is available for work in San Diego and Los Angeles. For information on booking your wedding or portrait session, please call 818.469.2201. You may also email at andrea@andreascottphotography.com