Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Portraits

I have tried to describe what I learned on my travels ~ how I grew and the lengths to which I tested myself ~ I cannot.
Backpacking through Egypt and the Middle East changed my entire path. The people I met and the places I saw stirred my soul. Before Eat, Love, Pray became all the rage (love the book!) I wandered through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and India ~ but it wasn't until Egypt (3 months into my trip) that I set the foundation for the photographer I am today.
Egypt is where a fine English woman spoke to my heart ~ telling me to stay and explore all of what it had to offer. Though my flight to Turkey was in 5 days, this woman and her passion for Egypt and it's people inspired me to stay. After Egypt I kept going - through Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Three months in lands more strange and different than anything I had encountered before.
I became kinder, more patient, more considerate, passionate and creative. Though I have few friends left in the States now ~ those that I meet are very nomadic ~ I am inspired by their exploration and love of life. They run marathons, dive oceans and climb mountains ~ always on a plane, always onto a new adventure!
These are a couple of my first portraits. All in sepia ~ my favorite in-camera setting at the time ~ these clumsy beginnings are the start of what was to come. Thank you to my friends and travel companions, who let me and my camera into their crazy worlds!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Travel and Inspiration

London Eye (2008)
To travel the open road was always my plan! To be a stranger in a strange land excites me! I took hundreds of really good at photographing stationary objects....and realized that the pictures I came back to again and again were those that captured my new friends on our adventures.
So today I post a couple of my fav pics from some of my travels and then later this week I'll post my first portraits from 2005 - Enjoy!!
Dream big and enjoy life! Karnak temple, Egypt (2008)
I enjoyed Pizza Hut in 2005, across the street from the pyramids! Crazy No?!?