Monday, June 1, 2009

Love Locked In Time

Everyone should have a motto..a couple of them actually. I think of it this way...a personal motto ~ the standard by which you live ~ and a business motto ~ something that encapsulates what you do and who you are. Love Locked in Time is my business motto. I shoot weddings for a couple of reasons...first...I am in love with love! Big...Fat...Juicy LOVE! It doesn't matter how old you are, how young you just tastes better with love! The plethora of emotion...the anticipation and the beauty of being in a moment where everyone is open-hearted and happy! The the celebration of life! It's this big basket of emotion! The second reason I shoot weddings.....Excitement! I love's why I travel the world and try new things. I want to be excited about life...and it's impossible for me not to be excited at a wedding! I love meeting people and I love the energy that radiates from the bride and grooms' family and's magical! The third reason I shoot weddings....Beauty! I love beautiful things. I love the wedding dresses and the shoes....all of the tiny details that come together to make the event. The flowers and silverware, the beaches and churches...I just love it all! I have an the heart and sentimentality of an artist. So my motto...Love locked in's what I strive to accomplish..I want your children..and your children's children to see the love! Corny? Totally!!! But when I'm shooting...that's what I'm thinking! My photo of the day requires a bit of an explanation..... In 2005 I took off and traveled for six months ~ with my final destination being Manchester, England, for Jody's wedding. Jody and I had worked together in Los Angeles for a few years before she met her future husband, James, in London. To make a long story short, they took off on a round-the-world trip and he proposed while they were in Thailand! This is one of my most prized photos...their wedding was so beautiful and it reflected very much of who they are! Jody is now expecting twins and I had the opportunity to shoot her maternity photos while she was visiting last month! I've got to say she will always be one of my most favorite subjects!!! ~back to camera!