Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's Summer Time!

Ahhh....finally...a sunny day in San Diego! It's hard to believe but we've been stuck in May Gray for a bit and the sun is now out in Ocean Beach! I had lots of errands that I'd been putting off however I was inspired by the sun and washed my dog, Pogo, took her on a long walk through the sloughs (and this was after she ran around the park!) and then headed downtown to Little Italy to buy some mozzarella cheese. See...I love to garden and, though I have a little balcony, I happily planted some rosemary and Italian basil! I also picked up some beautiful organic tomatoes and decided it was the day to do up a caprese salad! We have a couple of great Italian markets in Little Italy that I've been wanting to explore so I headed off with my camera and a bag of change to go shopping! I picked up some mushroom ravioli (home made but frozen), a big loaf of italian bread (Mark's going to love me!) and a wonderful fresh sauce! Of course while I was there I took some photos of their canned tomatoes...I just love tomato cans for some reason! Below is my photo..okay...I'm going to start prepping dinner and then its... ~back to camera!