Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kids Portrait Party

Portrait Party time! Imagine fourteen 7 year olds together under one roof for a birthday party! Now, I've got to tell you...I've NEVER been around a big group of kids and it was a bit of a shock. I adapted well though...I mean with my love of all things loud and crazy it was bound to happen! I zipped around with my camera shooting as fast as I could....those little beasties move FAST!!! I managed to get some good ones as all the kids were running wild around the yard and skipping through the house. A big thank you to Dianna, as it was her brilliant idea to do the portrait party! She also got some family portraits and candids of the kids and I know the moms are just going to love them!
Speaking of moms...mine is the greatest! My mom volunteered to be my assistant (THANK YOU MOM!) and she wrangled the little devils...I mean a pro! She didn't even use her "mom" voice...wait...I'm having an ahhh moment!!! This is what she'll be like as a grandma...I just know it! She was sweet and kind, knew all the kids names...and she had a lot of patience...I couldn't have asked for a better assistant! I was worried there for a second because it was sprinkling on my way to Coronado Island but it soon settled into a cloudy and (thank goodness) non-rainy day. I've posted a photo of all the little muddy shoes on the porch for you!
After the party, Mom and I headed to Kansas City BBQ over in Downtown San Diego for some down home food...Top Gun style. See, this is the location of one of my most favorite 80's films and I got a kick out of hanging out and enjoying my brisket and baby back ribs while imagining Maverick and Goose at the bar! My brother joined us as well and we had some great family time before I headed home to take a nap!
Well ~ it's that time again! ~ back to camera!