Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jacqui and Ben - Part III

What a wonderful way to end the year! I'm back in Los Angeles, Mark returns from Thailand tomorrow after a five week backpack/diving trip and I have my entire family coming into town for Christmas! The presents are done, the lights are up and my brother and I decorated a live oriental spruce I bought! I'm so thrilled to have had such an amazing 2009 that I can't wait to see what 2010 brings to me! One thing I know - I have seen and down some amazing things in my life, but nothing will ever compare to the pure joy I've had with my brides this year! Thank you to all for giving me the opportunity to work with you ~ it has been an amazing honor!!!! Enjoy the final post of Jacqui and Ben ~ it's a great note to end on for my 2009 weddings ~

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jacqui and Ben Hotel Del Coronado Beach Wedding Part Deux

As promised, here are more photos from Jacqui and Ben's wedding. I'm having such a great time going through the pics and I've got to say - It's so hard to choose which ones to post!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Jacqui and Ben - Hotel Del Coronado Beach Wedding Part 1

Jacqui doesn't just light up a room - she owns it! Ben is her rock and perfect partner ~ together they are charmed! Determinded to have their beach ceremony, both had faith that the rain would stop - and they really didn't care if it didn't!
Call it the luck of the Brave and the Beautiful ~ the rain stopped right before the ceremony!!! Their families watched Jacqui walk down the beach stairs with her father and cross the sand to Ben. As soon as they were man and wife and received their congratulations ~ well the rain started up again ~ perfect timing right? ....that's just how they roll!!! And can I tell you ~ Jacqui and Ben are rock stars! The rain stopped momentarily and we all made our way in the crazy weather for photos on the beach. With the help of Ben's brother, James (thank you again!!!), we pulled off a fantastic shoot! Jacqui is exquisite and Ben is so handsome - both were great ~ ready to scramble up the rocks or stand in the pouring rain for photos! How lucky am I?
There's more to come but here is a preview ~