Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Impossible Project - A Few Before and After

The Family is back from Dallas where we enjoyed an early Christmas with Mark's family.  Bodie met all his cousins and we loved the time off to enjoy our family.  I'm still unpacking and didn't have much time to take out the Polaroid SX-70 for some family photos due to Bodie's illness - but that's a whole long story.  Suffice to say, he was able to join the family for Christmas dinner and gifts and we all made it back in one piece!  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the impossible project engagement photo question

Back for more? Awesome!

I pulled out my favorite Polaroid SX-70 for R&D's engagement shoot at Descanso Gardens and took a moment while we were in a dense forest like area to capture the sun gently highlighting Rebecca's face.  The Impossible Project film is very light and temperature sensitive and the film I was using, The Impossible Project's SX-70 Colorshade can be tricky. It was a cool day approximately 70 degrees F with bright sun. I have started a habit of taking the photo and immediately placing it under my arm to keep it warm for 30-45 seconds before putting it in my back pocket to continue developing. I have more testing to do but I do believe I could have just flipped it over onto my leg, held it there for 40 seconds and then put it into my pocket thus keeping it at a lower temperature which would have kept it from the high contrast (dark darks, light lights).


To see the difference in using instant film vs. digital, here is a photo taken one minute earlier with my Canon 5D


I've also included the version I ran thru Photoshop adding contrast and sharpening slightly which looks good on the web but would lack the vintage feel of the real thing if I printed for show.

polaroid sx 70 ps 04

More SX-70 love coming soon because I am loving it and want to share more!

My question to you is which one do you like best?