Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Friday!!

It's Friday, my favorite day because it's the day Mark gets out of work at noon and heads home early! Now that summer is here (well...kind's still pretty gray) we've been heading out for lunch and a wee cocktail to start the weekend off right! So we head down to Ocean Beach to try to get into South Beach Bar and Grille. Now this is no easy task...they have the best fish tacos in all of San Diego and a great selection of beer on tap! It's right at the end of Newport ~ the staff is always awesome and friendly ~ and I love to get in and get me my Mahi Tacos! That said, there's no waiting list and it's always packed which means you're pretty much out of luck if there are some enterprising peeps scouting tables and you're not up to task! Mark and I got lucky and grabbed a couple of stools at the back counter and counted the minutes until lunch arrived! Here is my pear cider and two mahi tacos...they were delicious! Look at all that white sauce! Love it!
While I'm mentioning OB eateries I have a few favs and Hodad's (ho-dads) is the best for burgers..but get a load of this line today! After lunch we headed next door to the Lighthouse ice cream shop for a little sweet ice cream! Blueberry Cheesecake for me...not sure what amazing Italian concoction Mark had but I loved my taste and thought it looked fantastic so here it is!!!
Last but not least, everyone likes sprinkles don't they?
Tomorrow I'm shooting Lorie and her family so I'll post more on Sunday ~ in the meantime ~ have a great weekend everyone! ~back to camera