Monday, June 15, 2009

San Clemente Beach Family Photo Day

I had the awesome pleasure of photographing Lorie and her family this weekend in Laguna Niguel! D.J., Kennedy and Ally are all adorable little imps and I can't tell you how smart and beautiful they are! Del and Lorie are amazing parents and as I'm going through all the photos I can't begin to pick my favorites...there are too many!!! Here is D.J. and Lorie hanging out with a bunch of balloons... come on y'all...are they beautiful or what? This photo melts my heart! D.J. at the shore...he rarely stops moving but stood for a minute relaxed at the shore...I'm so in love with him! Here is little Kennedy...I swear I did not pose her :-) Isn't she a doll? Thank you so much for letting me hang out with you guys at the beach! I had such a great time and look forward to editing many more photos this week of them! ~back to camera!