Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More From Ken and Betty

I'm loving going through Ken and Betty's photos! I wanted to add another one today because it's exactly what I wanted to shoot from the beginning! When I first spied the bamboo gardens I fell in love with the trees and the light ~ my head was spinning with all the options! Dianna and I came up with different locations that we would be shooting at that day and I got the Bamboo Gardens...I guess being quarter Japanese has something to do with my love of bamboo...but get this...my middle name is Midori ~ it means "green" in Japanese...so I'm pretty much thinking that I had to shoot the bamboo forest or die! Now back to the shoot....I like to have a loose shot list for the day ~ that's the creative planning side of me! I come up with a bunch of ideas, write them down so I remember ~ and then on the day of the photo shoot I go ahead and work them into the shoot. I'm all for spontaneity but I also like an outline! I had this visual of Ken and Betty standing in the middle of the bamboo but it just wasn't coming out right ~ I was fighting the light and the location wasn't cooperating ~ it just didn't feel right in the end ~ though I did get the ring shot I wanted with the trees and light working beautifully for me! Happily, Dianna moved them into the middle of the forest and I shot with my wide angle lens to get this amazing photo! Love love love it!!! This is why having a partner is so incredible!!! Well, I have an old friend in town so I need to head on out to Downtown and meet up with her! Cheers!