Thursday, June 11, 2009

Last Year it was Greece!

Sitting here in San Diego, with gray clouds surrounding the beach, I pulled out my journal from last year's trip Mark and I took. For four months we roamed through London, Paris, Italy, Greece and Egypt with our backpacks and my camera! It was an awesome experience and I highly suggest taking to the open road ~ it just changes you! This time last year, Mark and I were in Greece...Corfu to be exact. We had traveled over 24 hours, across Italy via 3 trains, a ferry from Bari and then another overnight ferry to Corfu, an island in western Greece. We found a campground and staked our tent for one week before finding Pelekas Beach on the other side of the island ~ or as we call it...Nirvana! I can't begin to explain how pristine the beaches were, or how charming our hosts, Ira and Themis, were at the Rolling Stone in Pelekas Beach. It was a dream! I mean really, we never wanted to leave! Pelekas Beach is an old hippie hangout from the 80's and as the Lonely Planet reviewer wrote "the only thing moving at the Rolling Stone are the windchimes!" We were one block away from the ocean ~ an amazing view from the outdoor patio area where everyone would sit and relax ~ pure bliss! We spent almost three weeks in Corfu (almost 2 of them at the Rolling Stone) and could have stayed longer. So my pictures for today are all from Corfu! Here is Mark at the beach: And this one is from Mark's little Sony camera as we walked down from the hill town of Pelekas Village back to our humble and charming room at the beach. I love this photo of the kitchen/bar area at night! Ah...Pelekas...we will never forget how you welcomed us weary travelers with open arms, our spirits replenished we set upon the road for two more months ~ hitting many Greek Islands and Egypt! Thank you for helping us recover from the crazy travels through 3 countries and more museums than I can helped us get back on the road for more adventures!!! ~back to camera!