Saturday, February 25, 2012

Japanese Gardens, Van Nuys CA Family Photos

Mark, Bodie and I headed to the Japanese Gardens for a family photoshoot. I'd lived in Van Nuys forever but I had never made it to the gardens. Today was the day!

As we made our way to the gift shop to purchase our tickets, Bodie was full of excitement - a huge smile on his face. He had just run up and down the ramp like a wildman but they couldn't have seen that could they!

One look at us and the very nice woman selling ticketssaid in a tone that reminded me of my Gramdma Russell, "Have you ever been here before?" We shook our heads in the negative.

"Be careful of the lake, but it shouldn't be a problem...the one rule is you must not go off the I'm sure it will be fine."

Uh Oh.

One Rule...Don't go off the path!

We made it 300 feet down the path and turned back to the car.

Bodie, in all his exuberance strayed off the path time and time again....perfectly raked pebbles were tossed around as we dragged him back onto the dirt path. Dragged. Yes dragged...little man did not want to be picked up and would go limp everytime we tried to take his hand to lead him away from the unguarded areas off the path.

Such is life!

Happily I was able to grab a few photos before we went next door and let him run loose in the open park area with no pond and no path.

I threw together a quick story board of our very brief visit and then decided to add a photo of B from February of 2011! It was one of the first photos I captured with him smiling...and to see him growing up just makes me so incredibly happy. I can't wait for more smiles and another try at the gardens!

Live and Learn!

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