Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Children's Portraits

I never thought of myself as a person that would purposely set out to take photos of children. I mean hey - I used to wake up before sunrise and head out to shoot - and don't get me headed down memory lane when it was just me, my backpack and my camera trekking around the world. Those are just two of the many things I did before Bodie came along almost 17 months ago - things I did when it was just me and I had time!

Coronado Bay Bridge

That's pre-dawn at the Coronado Bay Bridge in San Diego...and below is the city skyline at dawn

San Diego Sunrise
Getting back to Bodie....I enjoyed the baby phase - it's full of poo, feedings and little sleep but I enjoyed it.

Then there was the in-between phase where he would respond to me and smile...but then again he'd respond to a piece of lint too!

It started getting to be more fun at about 4 months into it - he'd do that all over body laugh and react to silly faces, play peek-a-boo. Fund stuff...

But it just keeps getting better.....since December he's been getting more interactive and I've been having the best time just being with him.

Last night we ran around the house with Mark listening to Offspring and No Doubt - dancing and laughing and playing. It was incredible!

Daily I feel inspired to photograph....not just because he's my kidlet {that's a bonus} but because of the amazing spirit I see in him and those priceless expressions that I sometimes capture.  I don't want to forget those moments, I want to keep them close to my heart (and on my living room wall)!

I am filled with joy. Yes, joy.

I never thought I would be so changed...but I's an amazing feeling.  I knew parenthood would be fun but I had no idea.  Now I know why parents have a second and a third!!!

At anyrate...I have these kid-themed photo shoots in my head and I can't help myself.  I've already started planning them.  The excitement is there inside of me...building everyday.

How much fun this parent-thing really rocks my world!

and so to end the is a picture of my little man Bodie.  I love the look on his face - it's the look he has when he's wondering what he's about to do next.  Two minutes later he attacked me for my camera, took a seat in my lap and demanded (in baby-speak) that I show him the photos...Enjoy!

bodie wagon web 0159

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