Saturday, February 18, 2012

Springs Preserve Engagement Shoot ~ Las Vegas

It was cold and grey at Springs Preserve in Las Vegas when Karie and Geoff arrived. We had yet to meet in person and had arranged an engagement shoot in Las Vegas while I was in town visiting my family. They are a refreshingly down-to-earth couple.

Karie is a true original and Geoff has the best sense of playfulness ever! Karie's choices for her engagement ring and wedding dress are creatively unique and above all else, they are true to her warmth and style. She is fun and relaxed with flowing blond hair and a perfect complexion!


Engagement 2_0102

engagement 2_0272

As we walked around the Preserve I spoke of seeing David Copperfield, the fabulous magician/illusionist, at the Springs Preserve about five minutes before Karie and Geoff arrived! I was photographing some falcons from the Wings over the Springs show and pulled out my trusty SX-70. All of the sudden DC appears and animatedly starts talking about what a great camera the SX-70 is - then we got to discussing the Impossible Project Film. I mean really....could it be any cooler than meeting DC right before I start Karie and Geoff's engagement shoot?

I love this photo of Geoff - so relaxed!


Engagement 2_0040
They make an awesome pair!

Engagement 2_0192 Engagement-8

Engagement 2_0115

engagement 2 final_0066


Engagement 2_0279

I'm looking forward to their wedding in June, hope you stop by and take a look at the photos!

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