Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Before and After FAQs

I'm a huge fan of Totally Rad Actions and just added to my collections with Volume Two of the TRA pack! Yes photography starts with a good picture, proper exposure and an understanding of the way things work - but let me just say that there is a level of creativity that I absolutely love!!! Here are Jacqui and Ben in December on the beach: It's stormy and cloudy and these rockstars are out on a rainy day having fun for their wedding pics! How lucky can I be? It's a good picture but I wanted something unique and creative in the end - something a bit different. I normally take my Brownie camera out and shoot a bit but on the sand with the rain - NOT a great I fudged it. In post I added a ttv layer that I found on the web after I had used TRA actions to darken it down and and give it the feel I was looking for. A little bit of this - a little bit of that and I had what I was looking for...just like being in the kitchen. I cropped it to 8x8 and voila: Okay - now it's time to do some yoga and jump on the elliptical - basically because I've promised myself I must lose that holiday weight before I can no longer refer to those 10 pounds as holiday weight!!! Hope you enjoyed!