Monday, June 29, 2009

San Juan Capistrano

I had the opportunity to visit the Mission at San Juan Capistrano on my way back from Los Angeles last week! Gorgeous ~ absolutely stunning! I wandered around the old mission with it's colorful gardens and fountains, the ruins from the original mission standing proudly in the midday sun. I can't wait to shoot there ~ it has everything from archways to beautiful paths, trees and old doorways ~ all the fun stuff that a photographer loves! I love scouting locations! I'm in the second courtyard at the fountain for this photo: Here is a great old Church sign that I really love! I love the old doorway in the ruins of the mission! Here is one of the five bells I had a really great time and even stopped across the street for a taco. What a relaxing day! The Mission at San Juan Capistrano is available as a location with reservations and like I said, can't wait to take one of my brides there! ~back to camera