Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How I Became a Wedding Photographer

I've always loved photography, but more than photography was my love of travel and keen sense of adventure! From early on in my childhood I would stare at maps and talk to my babysitters about where I wanted to go. That urge to get away and travel always stayed with me.
I finally traveled out of the country when I was 26. Going to Japan was amazing....both my mother and grandmother were born there. I took a ton of photos with my little camera but nothing that could evoke the grandeur and beauty of what I had seen. I needed to hunker down and practice.
My next trip was to Thailand in 1999 and the beauty and experience of it changed my life. Though I had an amazing desk job, the people I met and the experiences were such that all I wanted to do was wonder for a year around the world!
I finally took off off for a six month 'round-the-world adventure in 2005. My photography skills had developed and I was able to capture the wonders of the world the way I wanted to. I got back to the states and started shooting everything I could ~ waking up at dawn I would trek to a different destination in hopes of capturing something special. Still at a desk job, my photography skills were getting better and better...I still held wonderlust in my heart~
In 2008 I had another opportunity to backpack around for a bit. Mark and I took off for a 6 month adventure though England, France, Italy, Greece and Egypt. It ended up being only 4 months (didn't want to travel through the Middle East in August~ just too hot).
Back in the States we settled in San Diego and the opportunity to shoot weddings came up. I loved it! I mean really loved it...I've thrown myself into wedding photography and it's paid off. Following my dreams of getting out behind the desk and doing what I love to do has been joyful. I would hate to leave my wonderful little world! Though I would love to travel the world as a National Geographic photographer, I realize I want to have a settled life, one with children and marriage, dinner parties with close friends...I no longer yearn to backpack through the world with no responsibility...I love that wedding photography gives me the opportunity to do what I love and stay in one place! Seeing people start their life is amazing and wonderful!
So today I give you some pics of me on my travels...if you haven't gotten out to see the world....travel is cheap right now....enjoy!
Egypt Mark and me at Mont Saint Michele Londontown! India! Cambodia! and Paris!