Saturday, December 3, 2011

Descanso Gardens Engagement - Fall Photos

The Where:
Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge, California is a beautiful wedding locale and a great for engagement photos too! Thanks to the perfect SoCal friend Rebecca's Southern charm and of course her handsome fiancé, Devon we had a great time and got some really fab photos!

The How: Photographic Experimentation 
I'm breaking the posts up into a couple of days/weeks because I experimented with different camera formats.  In this post all the photos are taken using my Canon 5D and processing it through Adobe Lightroom.  Future posts will have photos taken with my polaroid camera and a toy camera with real film!  I'm hoping by breaking it up you will see that there is a difference (no judgements!) between the different technologies.

The Who: Rebecca

Rebecca and I have been working together just under a year. We are the calm in the eye of the storm but I must say - she is calmer than I could ever be!  She has this quiet demeanor that hides a will of steel. She's polished, smart - I mean really smart - has an amazingly photographic smile and an outstanding sense of humor. Rebecca is a throw-back to a time that was more civilized but she's perfectly grounded in today.


Devon is from the area and grew up going to the Descanso Gardens so they were a natural choice of location.  As a child his parents had problems keeping him in their sites during their visits and as he tells it, once the family made their way past the entrance he would take off running to explore and his parents would spend the day searching for him.  Hours later he would come running through the trees and pop up in front of them!  Parents - not amused. Devon - enchanted!


The Challenge: Working with Film
I took a few photos with the Diana Mini, Kodak Instamatic x-15 and my newly purchased fab find - my Polaroid SX-70! I'm really excited to introduce vintage film cameras into my photographer "tool kit" as a compliment to the digital photography work I do.  Working with Rebecca and Devon was a great opportunity to experiment with just a few of the different cameras I own but I think the Polaroids were the biggest hit of the day!

The Digital Darkroom: Adobe Lightroom 3
All photos for this post were edited with Totally Rad Actions Lightroom Presets.   TRA has made processing my digi photos easy and quick and with so many different presets available I find that their bundles include everything I need.


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