Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Portraits

I have tried to describe what I learned on my travels ~ how I grew and the lengths to which I tested myself ~ I cannot.
Backpacking through Egypt and the Middle East changed my entire path. The people I met and the places I saw stirred my soul. Before Eat, Love, Pray became all the rage (love the book!) I wandered through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and India ~ but it wasn't until Egypt (3 months into my trip) that I set the foundation for the photographer I am today.
Egypt is where a fine English woman spoke to my heart ~ telling me to stay and explore all of what it had to offer. Though my flight to Turkey was in 5 days, this woman and her passion for Egypt and it's people inspired me to stay. After Egypt I kept going - through Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Three months in lands more strange and different than anything I had encountered before.
I became kinder, more patient, more considerate, passionate and creative. Though I have few friends left in the States now ~ those that I meet are very nomadic ~ I am inspired by their exploration and love of life. They run marathons, dive oceans and climb mountains ~ always on a plane, always onto a new adventure!
These are a couple of my first portraits. All in sepia ~ my favorite in-camera setting at the time ~ these clumsy beginnings are the start of what was to come. Thank you to my friends and travel companions, who let me and my camera into their crazy worlds!