Wednesday, November 18, 2009

J & R Fabulous San Diego Wedding

Long time no blog! Well ~ shame on me but it's been crazy and I have tons to blog about! Firstly - I moved from San Diego back to Los Angeles last month after spending sometime in New York! New York in Fall is Fabulous ~ I love spending time there, walking the streets, eating from the street vendors or dining on fine french food! Love it!!! Next, I've been working some great weddings as well as reintroducing myself to the fun side of L.A. and all my friends! Promise not to get backed up again!!! Enjoy J&R's Wedding pics!
Jacqueline is a force of nature and Robert holds her heart - meeting them at a coffee house in Oceanside I knew right away that I had to do their wedding! J and R are amazing - loving and kind, inclusive and powerful in their love. Their wedding was at a family's friends home in the hills. It was a relaxing, thoughtful and singularly wild celebration. One of the most fun weddings ever!!!