Monday, August 31, 2009

Golden Lighting

Great light is the key to any great photo, knowing how to manipulate that light to make a good photo takes time and practice. I woke up early on Sunday morning and walked into my livingroom half-asleep, ready to make coffee and sit at my computer for some good old fashioned post processing. Blinded by light in my livingroom, I stood for a moment as my green eyes slowly adjusted to the most golden light I've ever seen. Sunrise was greeting me and all around me was this rich, sexy gold toned light - as if I had walked into a room full of treasure! My first thought was, "awesome" I kid you not!
So now I'm thinking, this would make for great portrait lighting - too bad there's not one person in San Diego that I call friend who would be awake at 6:00! "Well, that leaves only you!" "Ugh." "Tripod in car". " Go get it! "Get your keys, go to your car and get your tripod!" "Wake up and show up." I run my half-dressed and barefoot self down three flights of stairs...asleep for the most part! Grabbing the tripod (and trying to move a bit faster) I finally make my way back up the three flights of stairs, set up the tripod and silently praise my brilliance in not washing my face last night! I still have eyeliner and mascara that sexy-kinda-bedroom-way. So I start shooting and lemme tell you....Not Pretty...the most golden glowing light from the heavens couldn't help my poor sleepy self! I can barely smile!!!! It's as if my mouth wasn't even awake yet! I did manage to get a couple of photos....and just so you can see how my Sunday am shoot turned out, here you go:
So go out and try your camera at dawn or dusk and work that light!