Monday, May 18, 2009

Navy's Bay Bridge Run

I've been training since February for the Bay Bridge Run! Now, I've never been the type of girl to run but I've been inspired by the Biggest Loser this season and now I must get out there! It's the Navy's 23rd run and the fantastic part is that they close the Coronado Bay Bridge for the runners/walkers! As I just moved here from Los Angeles in September and have taken up jogging (couch to 5k thank you!) I thought this run would be a perfect start to my running career. It was "May Grey" all day but 8,000 people came out and took part in this fantastic experience! Mark and I walked the beginning of the race as the crowd of people made it a bit difficult to run. It started to open up on the bridge about half way through and I got going! I ran the bridge dodging between strollers and people, blood pumping...big smile on my was really great fun and it felt amazing to actually be running the bridge! I promise to continue my running program and will sign up for a 5k - where I plan to run the whole race! I also quit smoking this week thanks to Debra Vertucci at Fresh Start Laser Therapy in Las Vegas! It's laser acupressure and I love it! It's kind of like acupuncture...but with no needles. Hard for me to explain but it's been working for me and I've gone 5 days without a cigarette so it's worth it! Granted, it's tough sometimes, but worth worth it! My health has become increasingly important and I plan on continuing to conquer my unhealthy habits!!! Thank you to the volunteers at the Navy's Bay Bridge Run/Walk it was a spectacular event!!! Well, back to camera!